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WRN is what we call "WEBVISION" as "TELEVISION" is to video that is sent over air waves.  But "TELEVISION" is not longer analog and dependent on "radio frequency" transmission.  "TELEVISION" since becoming HD is now in the digital format as is the Internet.  You could liken HD "TELEVISION" to Data Transmition over RF not much different than watching video over a WIFI Internet connection.  Only HD TV is a one way viewing experience. 

Actually standard Internet viewing of video is more stable on high speed DSL/CABLE than HD TV is over air wave viewing.  Ever noticed how the picture freezes and comes and goes?

We are a Pioneer in WEBVISION having streamed news and video since the early 2000's. 


If you have any suggestions to do this better then we would like to have your opinions.  Just CLICK HERE and tell us your ideas.

WE here at WESTERN RESERVE NEWS appreciate your input and your interest in us and we will do what we can to keep it that way!

P.S.  We would appreciate any North East Ohio NEWS and SPORTS and COMMUNITY happenings type stuff if you don't mind sending it along to us.  Just LET US KNOW what you've got and we will let you know how to e-mail it to us.  WE JUST LOVE PICTURES and VIDEO!  That is what we are about.