July 25, 2019

According to Sheriff Doak, during the late hours of July 24th and early hours of July 25th, 2019 Sheriff’s Detectives were attempting to locate Freddie Rutherford, an individual who is a suspect in multiple thefts in Portage County along with several other counties.   Rutherford had several outstanding warrants for Drug Trafficking, Drug Possession, Obstructing Official Business and Complicity to Robbery.  

After searching several locations in the Ravenna area for Rutherford, Sheriff’s Detectives with assistance from the Sheriff’s Patrol Division and the Ravenna Police Department, located, arrested and booked in the Portage County Jail seven individuals with 17 total outstanding warrants.

Those arrested included:

Destiny Winning (DOB: 11-23-1993) 7686 Newton Falls Rd. Ravenna, OH. 44266 Warrants: - Theft (M1) - Trespassing (F4) - Resisting Arrest (M2) - Traffic Offense 

Toni Burns (DOB: 08-05-1984) 362 Homestead Rd. Ravenna, OH. 44266 Warrants: - Aggravated Possession of Drugs (F5) - Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments (M2) 

Sheaha Akers (DOB: 11-24-1981) 6468 Westshore Dr. Kent, OH. 44240 Warrants: - Obstructing Justice (F5) 

Jonathon Jarrells (DOB: 11-16-1976) 1557 Olympus Dr. Kent, OH. 44240 Warrants: - Assault (M1) - Criminal Damaging (M2) 

Jason Gargano (DOB: 12-19-1974) 360 Clinton St. Ravenna, OH. 44266 Warrants: - Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments (M2) - Receiving Stolen Property (M1) 

Jason Rentz (DOB: 07-13-1995) 614 Horning Rd. Atwater, OH. 44201 Warrants: - Burglary (F3) - Theft (F5)

Freddie Rutherford (DOB: 10-22-1982)  7195 Smalley Rd. Windham, OH. 44288 Warrants: - Trafficking in Heroin (F4) - Possession of Heroin (F4) - Complicity to Robbery (F1) - Obstructing Official Business (M2)

TOTAL: 7 arrests / 17 warrants