October 16, 2015


John D. Ferrero, Stark County Prosecuting Attorney, announced the Grand Jury reported an Indictment against the following individual(s):


FREDRICK MCCANTS, 54, 2542 Indiana Way NE, Canton - Felonious Assault


FORREST L. NEISWANGER, 45, 1852 Lincoln Ave., #19, Salem - Aggravated Possession of Drugs


LINDA N. KIRKSEY, 65, 643 Alan Page Dr. #2, Canton - Felonious Assault; Domestic Violence


MARK BEE MINNEY, 29, 642 Guy St. NW, Massillon - Possession of Drugs


PRINCE HUTTO, 37, 4511 Tioga NW #4, Canton - Domestic Violence; Violating a Protection Order; Intimidation of an Attorney, Victim, or Witness in a Criminal Case


KEVIN JAMES WOMACK, 31, 409 McKinley Ave. SW, Massillon - Aggravated Possession of Drugs


In its report, the Grand Jury reported that they had voted No-Bill on the following individual(s):


SCOTT R. JONES, 35, 22765 Alden Ave., Alliance - Menacing by Stalking; Domestic Violence