** AGENDA **  JACKSON MILTON LOCAL SCHOOLS OCTOBER 19, 2017 :    Present at tonight's regular board meeting are board members Michele Catania   President, Kim Pittman - Vice-President, Mitch Mascioli, Tom Huff and Todd Jones.  Tour of mechanical lab presentation of banners and shirts and specialized printers.

Also present were Treasurer John Zinger and Superintendent Kirk Baker.  Treasurer Zinger gave his up and up 5 year forecast FINANCIAL REPORT HERE.

Mr. Zinger says "Line 6.010 shows a positive amount which means we are not projected to deficit spend this year.  The forecast shows positive ending cash balances for FY18 through FY21.  The board is more concerned with the first 3 years of the forecast because adjustments can me made to help with deficit spending in future years.
If the RENEWAL levies are approved in November 2017, the board feels confident the forecast will improve even further."  John Zinger  Treasurer

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