Digital Service Company LLC


 Is located in beautiful North East Ohio where EVERYONE can support their choice of one or both of two nearby major rivalry professional football teams – the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers!   YEA!!!


With a melting pot of cultures and tastes the N.E. Ohio and Western Pennsylvania area is slowly transitioning from its heavy industrial roots as the center of rubber and steel production and into the future of HIGH TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURING and SERVICES.  This transition is being supported by HIGH LEVEL  TECHNOLOGY TRAINING offered at our TOP NOTCH COLLEGES like KENT STATE UNIVERSITY and YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY and CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY and CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY and CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY to name a few.


The Digital Service Company started in 1997 when Salem, Ohio native Bruce Rogers began building computer equipment for sale and with expert servicing.


In 2000 (daughter) Melissa Rogers joined the company after completing college at Kent State University.  Melissa brought into the company her training and expertise along with two bachelor degrees.  One degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE and the other degree in the Arts, School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  Melissa also is SBE certified in radio AND television and she is also Certified in Steadicam Operation.


Did Bruce’s early involvement with computers and Bruce’s many interesting and fulfilling years in the field of BROADCAST ENGINEERING influence Melissa’s decision to pursue these degrees?   Hmmmmmmmmm………..


In addition to being a working partner with ‘Dad’, Melissa is also an ENGINEER for a NATIONAL CHAIN of RADIO STATIONS with LOCAL STATIONS in the Youngstown, Ohio area.  Likewise Bruce is a JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN at a well known national manufacturing facility in Alliance, Ohio.


As Melissa and Bruce continue to define the company future and objectives, it was decided to broaden the Company’s presence by adding other services that the Company has the knowledge base and capability to offer.  Thus began Digital Service Company’s endeavor into VIDEO ARTS.


In late – 2002 the decision was made to support the VIDEO PRODUCTIONS endeavor by replacing the existing and outdated analog video equipment with the purchase of three new Panasonic DVX100 DIGITAL camcorders and to also purchase all the necessary support equipment and editing software that would be needed for DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONS.  Emphasis was placed on the WEDDING and EVENTS INDUSTRY and DIGITAL SERVICE COMPANY LLC became associated with WEVA – WEDDING EVENTS VIDEOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL.

In early 2004 Digital Service Company incorporated and thus became known as DIGITAL SERVICE COMPANY LLC and expanded its services by offering FILM and TAPE DUPLICATION SERVICES and DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES and many of the other VIDEO PRODUCTIONS SERVICES that our CUSTOMERS have requested – including assisting and producing for AD AGENCIES as well as for BROACAST and CABLE outlets.


Everyone at DIGITAL SERVICE COMPANY LLC understands the necessity to improve and adapt to all the changes that the future will endlessly bring forth.  And in doing so DIGITAL SERVICE COMPANY LLC and its employees will always be a part of the future.


……..and the outlook is for a BRIGHTER FUTURE ………




…………UPDATE! …………….UPDATE! ……….



Weighing in at 6 POUNDS and 13 Ounces AMELIA and ‘MOM’ Melissa are doing GREAT!!!!! ……… and SO IS ‘GRANDPA’ Bruce …… doing GREAT!!!


AND Two Months Later ………………..